AfterEllen Huddle: International Kissing Day!


Today is International Kissing Day, and in honor of such a prestigious holiday, we’ve asked our writers to shout-out their favorite real-life or fictional lesbian kisses. 

Courtney Gillette: My favorite lesbian kiss of all time is the first kiss shared between Alison and Terry in Alison Smith’s memoir Name All The Animals. It’s one of those books that I constantly lend to people, never get back, buy another copy, lend out, etc. It’s that good. The memoir is about Alison’s coming of age in the wake of her brother’s death, during which she befriends the eccentric Terry, and their romance begins. It’s one of the best kisses I’ve ever seen committed to paper — Smith nails every detail and nostalgia of first teenage love, remembering things as precise as how the metal of Terry’s post earrings could taste in one’s mouth. I mean, c’mon. It almost makes me want to be a teenager again. 

Ali Davis: L Word, Dana, up against the lockers. Does it get any better?

Lucy Hallowell: Rachel and Luce from Imagine Me & You. Their almost kiss on the street after Luce dares Rachel to love her makes my heart go boom. But it makes my heart grow three sizes to watch that moment when Rachel realize she just can’t keep ignoring how she feels no matter how much she wants to. Besides, stocktaking never looked so fun (watch out for thorns though). 

TheLinster: We can’t let International Kissing Day pass without celebrating the best kiss of the year. We may not remember their names — Marissa Gaeta and Citlalic Snell — but we’ll never forget the picture. 

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Hello, sailor.  

Emily Donofrio: IRL, Clea DuVall and Ellen Page. But since they’re not out and that we “can’t prove the photo was them,” Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne (But I’m a Cheerleader!) in the back of the pick-up post True Directions prison escape. Too f–king adorable.

Bridget McManus: I’m going with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Was it just me or did they both seem really into that sex scene? Or maybe they are just really good actresses. 

Heather Hogan: I think the last time we talked about gay lady kisses, I went with Naomily, but my other favorite fictional lesbian kiss was during The L Word‘s fifth season when Bette and Tina were standing in Bette’s kitchen and Tina was all, “Bette. Turn around.” And Bette did turn around, and then they kissed themselves right the hell into the bedroom and did some sexes. Back in the day, I must have written ten thousand words about that scene on the Television Without Pity message boards. I very clearly remember saying, “It is the east! And Tina Kennard is the sun!” I’m pretty sure fandom still calls this entire episode “The Woohoo Scenes!” 

What’s your favorite lesbian kiss? 

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