N.Y. Scene June 2012 – The Pride Edition


Straight people have Mardi Gras, and gay people have Pride. New Orleans may be covered with beads, boobs and glitter for one day each year, but New York City turns into a tubular, boobular glitter festival for the entire month of June. Gays for the win!

During Pride, all the gays come out to play, even the antisocial ones who disappear for 11 months a year to hide in their hyperbaric chambers. This means at any given pride event, the probability of running into everyone with whom you have ever gone on a date, had a one night stand, had a completely ill-defined and inappropriate “friendship,” had an on again off again “situation,” and so on and so forth – approaches one. Your life will literally flash before your eyes, because everyone in your past will be at the same party. Walking across the room to get a drink is like playing a real life version of lesbian Frogger. Dodge the ex! Dodge the other ex coming from the other direction! Dodge the ex of your bff who you’re not supposed to say hi to! Dodge the lesbian who had one too many and is bumping into everyone in her path! But everything is ok, because everyone else in the room is also playing lesbian Frogger – and everyone loves vintage Atari games.

First, let’s start in the borough of Brooklyn, which, according to Ilene Chaiken and deftly crafted propaganda disseminated by the ladies of Brooklyn themselves, is the center of the lesbian universe on the East Coast. Aw shucks, I’m just kidding. Brooklyn is awesome! And I hope no one clicked on that.

Brooklyn had its own Pride festivities on June 9. First, there was a parade down 5th Avenue in Park Slope, which is where half of Brooklyn’s lesbians live, so it was convenient. Too convenient. There is probably a conspiracy theory that could be made about the curious convenience of the parade route, but all you want to see are the pretty party pictures, so I won’t bore you with my knock off X-Files claptrap. After the parade, the party to hit was Laid, Brooklyn Pride’s annual dance party, and it was a gay old time.  

DJ Roze Royce

R: Promoter Ellie Conant, who bid farewell to her monthly party Choice C*nts over Pride

Later that week on Thursday, June 14, the Snapshot crew climbed out of their sarcophagi, sharpened their fangs, convened at their home base at Bar 13, and threw the type of prom for queers that you wish you had in high school. All right, the Snapshot promoters aren’t vampires. I was just kidding about that. They’re actually werewolves. Pretty little werewolves in bowties. The lady in the middle in the photo below, Miss Lez 2012 runner up Miss Choice C*nts, is definitely a vampire though.

L: DJ Roze Royce

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