Lena Waithe is Fine With the Butch Label


Lena Waithe doesn’t care if her new haircut prompts people to put her in the butch lesbian category and wants you to know it. Waithe’s new style isn’t just a haircut, actually, but a statement. The Emmy award-winner said she had been thinking about the haircut for a while, and the only reason it took her so long to go through with it was her concern about how people would view her look.

Society accepts femininity in women, but masculine-presenting women risk their careers  – and often their safety – over their appearance, and thus it is understandable why Waithe held on to her long hair for so long. “I felt like I was holding onto a piece of femininity that would make the world feel comfortable with who I am.” She goes on to say that she was concerned in the past about being labeled a “butch” or a “stud” but now she’s just fine with that.  The Emmy Award winner says she feels much freer and happier these days, and we’re very happy for her.

Lesbians have been breaking society’s rules since forever, so Waithe is in good company of the many, many gender-nonconforming and butch lesbians of past and present. And might we add, she looks beautifully handsome.

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