Liz Baxter Dishes on Lipstick Lesbians


If you were looking for a smart, funny, and might we add very attractive lesbian to follow on YouTube, you’re welcome. Liz Baxter, who recently became the first lesbian contestant in the history of Love Connection, wrote a guest post for us this week on the beef some lesbians have with the term “lipstick lesbian.” Now she has made a follow-up video to her opinion piece on this topic, and we encourage you to check it out. This is the first in a series of upcoming videos she plans to make as part of The Lipstick Chronicles, focusing on issues relevant to femme presenting lesbians. She poses some thoughtful questions, like why do some people think lipstick lesbians are only attracted to other lipstick lesbians? Or only to butch women? And what’s the difference between a lipstick and a femme? And why does it even matter? Are there too many labels within the already small lesbian  community? Let’s hear it from Liz.

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