8 Perfectly Sapphic Summer Reads


Who doesn’t love a juicy summer read? If you’re looking for something to take to the beach or your own backyard, find one of these novels, all newly out or being published between now and August, at your local feminist bookstore.


14-year-old Lindie is in in love with her older best friend June, but that’s all in the secret past uncovered by June’s granddaughter, Cassie. Southern drama with a touch of Hollywood that will have readers singing its praises.


Out author Nicole Dennis-Benn includes gay themes and a major lesbian character, Margot, in her novel about women battling for independence in Jamaica.


Laura moves to small-town Texas and finds herself intrigued by the newspaper editor, Tess. Straight-up lesbian will-they-won’t-they romance!


A bisexual, plus-size fashion designer is the protagonist of this funny, sexy summer read.


Fans of Jane’s World will LOL at this unorthodox predicament: Jane accidentally purchases a mail-order bride. Needless to say, the girl she’s been seeing is not so thrilled about it.


Two lesbian couples live next door to one another in their summer cottages. What could go wrong?!


The 25th-anniversary edition of Jewelle Gomez‘s lesbian vampire love story is newly available for those who missed it the first time. A classic with all kinds of bloody good black lesbian erotics.


Lesbians at boarding school? Sounds great, except Annette wants to keep her relationship with Josie a secret. Uh oh.

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