AfterEllen’s Summer of Love: ” Stars Collide” by H.P. Munro


Every Friday through September, we’ll be posting a review of a lesbian/bi-themed romance novel as part of our Summer of Love. Miss the first few? Read them here.

The protagonist in Stars Collide is Freya Easter, who comes from a family of Hollywood acting royalty. Her parents and grandmother have lots of Oscars and Tonys, live in mansions, and get followed by paparazzi every day. Freya lives in her grandma’s guesthouse—and in everyone’s shadow.


Freya is gay, but she is only out to her family and best friend, Dan. Dan is also her ex-husband, and he is gay, too. Freya married him so he could get his visa, and then they got divorced a little while later.

Freya has just been cast in a hit TV show called Front Line. She’s excited, but her snooty movie-acting family looks down on TV. Incidentally, the star of Front Line is Jordan Ellis, Freya’s long-time crush. Jordan is a blonde babe who won a Tony for her Broadway performance a few years ago. Jordan has recently realized she is bisexual, but has never been with a girl.

When Freya and Jordan start working on the show together, they have instant chemistry. It’s not hard to understand why—both of them are super hot. There are a lot of descriptions of their long hair, giant breasts and toned abs. But things are about to get even more heated when the network decides to create a lesbian storyline for them, and they both have to “act” like they are falling in love with each other. Falling in love in real life won’t be as easy as it is on TV. They try to come out in the industry and realize the kind of pressure it puts on their relationship and how it affects their careers to be labeled as gay. Will their love survive the stress?

The book is silly, even cheesy at times, but it’s something you could read with a friend on the beach and have fun with. Overall, it follows a strictly linear structure, starting in May 2011 and ending in August 2014. At times, it almost reads like a screenplay. I was definitely craving some more fluidity with the structure and more character development, but at the end of the day, I guess I’ll be okay with descriptions of heaving breasts and the erect nipples of the protagonist after she falls in the pool.

Stars Collide would be ideal for someone who is home from college for the summer, stuck with a bunch of family members who don’t understand her, and wants to read about girls getting it on. By the end you’ll be flipping pages to find the next sex scene (if only they were on every page) and to see what happens in the girls’ relationship.

Stars Collide is available now.