DC Comics Finally Gives Us What We’ve Been Waiting For: “Wondering Woman”


As disappointing as the past year’s Batwoman arc has been, all is forgiven. Looks like they’ve been saving up for something special. Set to launch this month is a new limited series crossover that insiders have been calling “Wondering Woman.”

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Our favorite redheaded lesbian Bat will be taking off on a long duo mission with Wonder Woman, and word is that Diana, no stranger to Amazon ways, starts to take a more-than-professional interest in her new partner. And it looks like that interest is mutual.

Cat Woman comic

As both characters are already in relationships — Wonder Woman has been dating Superman, and I can’t believe I just typed that—there should be plenty of soul-searching and lesbian drama between the battlefield kisses.

Batgirl and Red Sonja writer Gail Simonewho recently confirmed on Twitter that Red Sonja is bi— wouldn’t give away much, but did say that it’s the best thing D.C. Comics has produced since the New 52 launched.

Good luck fighting me for the alternate covers.

*We wish! Happy April Fools! (But Gail Simone really did confirm Red Sonja is bi!*

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