The Book Club Choice for May is…


With well over half of the votes, Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour!


As I mentioned, this title doesn’t actually come out until May 15th. But you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. You can also put yourself on a waitlist for it at your library. Most libraries allow you to do this before a book is actually released, and then you can guarantee that you’ll be one of the first ones to get it! Nina LaCour is a pretty big YA author, with successful previous titles such as The Disenchantments and Hold Still (which is currently being made into a movie, so your local library should definitely be receiving it).

Once the 15th hits, you can then discuss Everything Leads to You on our Goodreads page, where you can also talk about Fat Angie or Far From You if you prefer to read those instead. You can follow our book club Tumblr, as well. I’ll post an official discussion post here on at the end of the month. And speaking of those official discussion posts, I’ll post the one for April’s fantastic selection, BI: Notes on a Bisexual Revolution, tomorrow.

Thanks for your votes, and happy reading!

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