And the Book Club Choice for March is…


With over 50% of the votes, On Loving Women by Diane Obomsawin! Hurrah for weird little lesbian graphic novels!


You can purchase a copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell’s. Although perhaps the best way of all would be to order it directly from its super neato Canadian comic publisher, Drawn and Quarterly, or, as always, search for it at your local library. (And if they don’t have it, suggest it!)

If you feel disappointed because you were really hoping to dive into the other lesbian anthologies, never fear, because I will post discussion topics for both Love Alters and Love Burns Bright over at our Goodreads page, where much of the book club action takes place. I’m hoping to pick up at least one of these for myself this month, too.

You can also follow general queer nerdiness on our book club Tumblr. An official discussion post for On Loving Women will be posted here on AfterEllen at the end of the month. Until then, happy reading!

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