’s Guide to LGBT Film Festivals

Looking for a handy guide to LGBT film festivals? Look no further. Here is our guide to the feature films about lesbians and bisexual women that will be screening at several of the fests this year, as well as the 2007 festivals listed chronologically (by the time you read this, some of them may have already wrapped). If we’ve missed a festival or a feature, please drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll add them when we have the opportunity.

Please note: Short films will not be included, as there are simply too many of them to keep track of. We will add feature-length documentaries if time permits.


2 Minutes LaterFrameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

Butch Jamie — Outfest, Philadelphia

The Doctor’s Daughter or The Secret and the Lie Frameline, Outfest

Don’t Go [Skyler Cooper interview, Nisha Ganatra interview] Outfest

El Calentito — Frameline

Finn’s GirlFrameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

Four Minutes — Frameline, Philadelphia

Itty Bitty Titty Committee [review, behind-the-scenes feature] — Frameline, Outfest

Nina’s Heavenly Delights [review, director interview] Frameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

Out at the Wedding — Frameline, Outfest

Rome and Juliet — Outfest

Shelter Me (Riparo) — Frameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

Spider Lilies — Frameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

This Kiss — Frameline, Outfest

Tick Tock Lullaby — Frameline, Outfest, Philadelphia

Tuli — Outfest

The Two Sides of the Bed (Los dos lados de la cama)Frameline, Outfest, Philadelphia


Vampire Diary — Frameline

Vivere — Frameline, Outfest



Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

April 27-May 6, 2007

NewFest: The New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Film Festival – May 31-June 10, 2007

Queer Women of Color Film Festival (San Francisco, Calif.) –

June 8-10, 2007

Frameline (San Francisco, Calif.) –

June 14-24, 2007

Outfest (Los Angeles, Calif.) –

July 12-23, 2007

Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

July 12-24, 2007

Outflix Film Festival (Memphis, Tenn.) – Aug. 17-19, 2007 and Aug. 24-26, 2007

North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Aug. 23-26, 2007

Fresno Reel Pride – Sept. 19-23, 2007

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival – Sept. 28-Oct. 6, 2007

Michigan LGBT Film Festival – October 2007

Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Oct. 4-14, 2007

ImageOut: The Rochester Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival – Oct. 5-14, 2007

Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Oct. 11-13, 2007

Reel Affirmations (Washington, D.C.) – Oct. 11-20, 2007

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – Oct. 12-21, 2007

Pittsburgh International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – Oct. 19-28, 2007

Atlanta LGBT Film Festival

November 2007

Out Takes Dallas – Nov. 2-11, 2007

Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival

Nov. 8-18, 2007

Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival

Nov. 9-11, 2007

Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Nov. 9-15, 2007

Fusion: The 5th Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival (Los Angeles, Calif.) –

Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2007



Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Japan) – TBA

Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Canada) –

Aug. 16-26, 2007

Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Germany) – Oct. 16-21, 2007

Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Spain)- Oct. 26-Nov. 4, 2007

Lesgaicinemad 2007: Madrid International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Spain) – Oct. 31-Nov. 11, 2007

Queersicht: Bern Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Switzerland) – Nov. 8-14, 2007

Festival Image+Nation Montreal (Canada) –

Nov. 15-25, 2007

Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (France) –

November 2007

Verzaubert: International Queer Film Festival (Germany) – November 2007

Out in Africa: South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (South Africa) –

November 2007


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