Chat Room

Google launched 3D embeddable chat rooms last week, and we’ve created four for readers. Participation requires a one-time download of Google’s Lively chat client, and a Google Account; you’ll be prompted to create one the first time you enter the chat room, and then you’ll have to create an avatar (but they’ve made that pretty easy).

Unfortunately, Google’s chat room is currently only available to PC users with Windows XP or Vista. Sincere apologies to our Mac users! But Google is working on making this Mac-compatible soon.

Since this is still in Beta, you’ll no doubt find some bugs here and there; if you have technical problems, you should go to Google’s Lively Help section or their Lively Help Group.

For more general, non-technical questions or comments about the chat room, discuss in our forum thread.

CLICK ON ONE OF THE ROOMS BELOW TO ENTER IT (if one room is full, try another). Rooftop Cafe Dance Club Fashion Show

Decorate this room yourself!

The rules of the chat room are the same as the forum rules (no spamming, trolling, flaming, etc.).