at Dinah Shore 2009

The annual Palm Springs lesbian Spring Break event known as The Dinah is coming up the first weekend in April, and this year, we’re hosting an Rock Band “Battle of the Bands” in the Logo Lounge in The Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday, April 4 (the lounge is located at the "Side Bar" area by the pool).

There will also be a live taping of Cherry Bomb in the hotel at 2pm that (exact location TBD).

The schedule:

1PM – 2PM

Rock Band Jam Session (Logo Lounge)

Jam on Rock Band with staff, vloggers and friends, including Nicole Paone, Sarah Warn, Karman Kregloe, Dara Nai, Bridget McManus, Jenn and Dee, Cat Davis, Nat and Meg, Jennie McNulty, Pat Branch, Briana Stockton, Nisha Ganatra, Michelle Fernandez, Becca Herman and the women of Cherry Bomb.

Sign-up sheets for this hour will be available in the lounge beginning at 11am.

2PM – 3PM

Rock Band Battle of the Bands (Logo Lounge)

Dara Nai and Karman Kregloe will judge the Rock Band Battle of the Bands, with prizes awarded in categories like:

* Top Performing Band (best Rock Band score)
* Best Style (rock attire + sensibility)
* Biggest Attitude Problem (most over-the-top band — in a good way)
* Most Likely to Have Girls Throwing Panties on Stage (sexiest band)
* Don’t Quit Your Day Job (worst performance)
* Best Individual Performance.

All skill levels invited to participate, and prizes will include DVDs, copies of the Rock Band game, and a gaming console — courtesy of Rock Band, who is sponsoring this event.

Sign-up sheets for this event will be available in the lounge beginning at 11am.

Live Taping of Cherry Bomb (In the Lobby Bar right off the main entrance to The Riviera Hotel!)

Watch a live taping of Cherry Bomb.

See you there!

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