Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Thelma Houston, KIN 4 Life, Abbe May and more

The Joy Formidable

File Under: Lush indie rock creating a sound that envelopes you

From: North Wales

For Fans Of: Arcade Fire, Uh Huh Her, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Land of Talk, The Hundred in the Hands

Bonus: I think it’s pretty awesome that their frontwoman’s name is Ritzy! Also, this was the band most often recommended by you amazing AE readers, it was a great group effort and now it has paid off! High fives to you all.

Mad Marge and the Stonecutters

File Under: Psychobilly, punk rock

From: California

For Fans Of: Three Merry Widows, HorrorPops, The Creepshow, drag racing, pinup girls, the punkier side of No Doubt, bathtub gin

Bonus: If you can get over the poor sound quality, take a look at the hotness that is Alicia Ridenour performing. I think I love her.


File Under: Electro-hop, R&B

From: New York

For Fans Of: Lost Bois, God-des, JenRO, MC Lyte, holding hands down the street, having doors opened for you/opening doors for your lady-friend, snack packs

Bonus: These fly chicks are out rappers and they’ve got their own record label, Noriq Records. They were the first lesbian act on

Thelma Houston

File Under: Disco diva, R&B

From: Mississippi

For Fans Of: Donna Summer, Martha Washington, Anita Ward, Pride festivals, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire

Bonus: Her song “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is one of my absolute favorites, it starts slowly and picks up to dance status.

Pretty Girls Make Graves

File Under: Punk, lo-fi garage rock

From: Seattle

For Fans Of: Bikini Kill, L7, Bratmobile, Les Savy Fav, Controller.Controller, Be Your Own Pet, wearing shorts with tube socks, X-Ray Spex (particularly PGMG’s song “C30 C60 C90 GO”)

Bonus: Unfortunately the band broke up in 2007 but each has gone on to pursue other music projects. You can find vocalist Andrea Zollo playing drums in the band Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death.

That’s all for this week, remember to feel free to email me your suggestions and if you feel like it, you can even follow me on Twitter!

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