Your Weekly Women to Listen To: The Zeebs, Billie Holiday, Da Endorphine and more

The Zeebs

File Under: Fashionable electro hip-hop and pop
From: Chicago
For Fans of: L’Trimm, Men (the band, not the gender), US Weekly, mani-pedis.
Bonus: HOTTT, out, gal pals. Nom nom nom.

The Box Squad

File Under: Queer punk cuties with a political (but fun) edge.
From: San Fran
For Fans of: Riot grrrl, roller derby girls, bruises, screamcore, tube socks
Bonus: These sweethearts are giving away their album Made In VaChina for free!

The Duke Spirit

File Under: Heavily textured alt-rock that is as sexy as it is haunting
From: London
For Fans of: The Kills, The Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (who they’re on tour with right now), leather, Jack Daniels, sweat.
Bonus: They’re offering a free downloads of their song, “Villain.”


File Under: New wave electropop
From: Mexico
For Fans of: Julietta Venagas, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, puffy casual skirts 
Bonus: Their bassist’s name is Ricardo Arreola. Now I’m going to spend the rest of my day laughing about nipples.

Da Endorphine

File Under: Pop rock and R&B with an interesting twist
From: Thailand
For Fans of: Taylor Dane, Jessica Simpson, Anastacia, hot chocolate, veggie spring rolls, form-fitting dresses (or women wearing them).
Bonus: While she sings in her native dialect, Da’s voice is definitely ready for a mainstream international crowd. And she’s easy on the eyes, too.

Have an excellent holiday and a very happy new year filled with happiness, love and of course, great music.

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