Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Sharon Van Etten, Katy B, Afrobeta and more



Sarah Zimmerman

File Under: Rock ‘n Roll, roots, blues, legendary guitar
From: Philly
For fans of: Bonnie Raitt, heavy guitar, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, making that “I just ate something really sour” face while listening to music that sounds good
Bonus: She was part of the Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars.

Liz Longley

File Under: Acoustic singer/songwriter with a heartbreaking voice that can overwhelm your senses.
From: Philly
For fans of: Patty Griffin, Alison Krauss, voices as primary instruments, feeling feelings
Bonus: She and Sarah Zimmerman grew up playing in the marching band together in high school. Aw, cute.


File Under: The parents are out of town, it’s time for a house party! Electro disco booty funk with a little industrial
From: Miami
For fans of: Jello shots, Chromeo, dancing, We Have Band, My Gold Mask
Bonus: Lead singer Cuci Amador is the hotness.

Hard Nips

File Under: Lo-fi garage rock with Asian flare
From: Japan
For fans of: The Runaways, hipsters, the Go-Gos, trying something new
Bonus: Their name is Hard Nips and they aren’t referring to nipples.

That wraps it up for this week. I’m going to go put Sharon Van Etten on repeat now.

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