Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Sharon Van Etten, Katy B, Afrobeta and more

Rachael Yamagata

File Under: Amazing singer/songwriter with a voice like honey and lyrics that have walked a mile in my shoes.

From: The pages of my diary and the inner corners of my brain. Yours too, probably.

For fans of: Drinking too much and having some regrets the next morning, the glass being half-empty, gorgeous voices, analyzing the world around you, sad love songs, Brandi Carlile, Fiona Apple, Sia’s “Breathe Me."
Bonus: Homegirl is really funny during her live shows. I’ve also heard a rumor that she isn’t opposed to loving the ladies. That being said, it is still a rumor. Rachael, call me.

Karen David

File Under: Sexy Pop R&B with a nod to Bollywood
From: Born in India but raised in Toronto
For fans of: A R Rahman, hot ladies, R&B, Nelly Furtado, The Pussycat Dolls
Bonus: She’ll be appearing on the small screen soon.


File Under: Soul, pop, smoke-filled music parlors sprinkled with fairy dust (not the drug kind…or maybe the drug kind). Totally quirky, but totally rad.
From: New Zealand
For fans of: Amy Winehouse, St. Vincent, Outkast, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Yep she’s kind of all over the map.
Bonus: Not sure if you’ll consider this a bonus, but she wins DIY points in my book for this — she used a “vigorously shaken tampon packet” as percussion in her song “Settle Down." 

Katy B

File Under: Hot R&B vocals with some dub, house and electro instrumentals. At times it reminds me of 90’s “heartthrob” music. Seriously, the jam.
From: South London
For fans of: Kelis, Lauren Hill, shaking your booty while singing, Jill Scott, Cathy Dennis
Bonus: She’s gonna blow up soon and you can say you were one of the first(ish) people to spread the love.

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