Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Otep, Patricia Racette, The Lost Bois and more

Patricia Racette

File Under: Award-winning operatic soprano with a flair for the dramatic and a love for the ladies (or one in particular).
From: New Hampshire
For Fans Of: La Boheme, Les Contes d’Hoffman, Les Dialogues des Carmelites, Days of Our Lives, Susan Lucci, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (a dessert that is simple-yet-elegant and not afraid to be in your face).
Bonus: Patricia and her wife, fellow opera singer Beth Clayton, are great role models for anyone looking for love. They’ve been together for over thirteen years and got married in 2005. The couple just put out their own video for the It Gets Better project and it is too adorable to not include.


File Under: Gorgeous Italian pop balladry with heavy piano and amore.
From: Brescia, Italy
For Fans Of: James Franco movies, Ximena Sarinana, Pat Benetar, gelato, mopeds
Bonus: She’s currently working on an album that should be out sometime this year!

Natalia Kills

File Under: Lady Gaga 2.0 with a side of Tarantino
From: England
For Fans Of: Lady Gaga, Russ Meyer films, films starring Madonna, Red Shoe Diaries, circuit night at the clubs.
Bonus: Natalia isn’t just a singer, she’s also a producer and actress in her short film series, Love, Kills XX, which you can stream at her website.

Giana Factory

File Under: Gloomy indie-electronic with a fast heartbeat.
From: Denmark
For Fans Of: Ladytron, Electrelane, School of Seven Bells, turtlenecks, tights, Great Northern
Bonus: Hat tip to AE reader Suthrngrwn for introducing them to me! Download their jam “Bloody Game."

Lilly Wood and the Prick

File Under: Melodic indie-pop that would be perfect to listen to while walking down the street on a fall day, coffee in hand, making witty observations to yourself about the people you pass along the way.
From: France
For Fans Of: The dark sides of Regina Spektor, Feist, Michel Gondry films, stealing other people’s food from the office freezer.
Bonus: Hat tip to Mathilde who introduced them to me. They’re fantastic!


File Under: Nu-metal, music that makes you want to become a professional wrestler or MMA fighter (in the best way possible).
From: L.A.
For Fans Of: Kittie, The Distillers, DevilDriver, black nail polish, combat boots, The Humane Society (yes, the place where you can adopt animals).
Bonus: Openly gay lead singer Otep Shamaya took to their twitter account recently and announced, "3 words. NEW. OTEP. ALBUM."

That’s all for this week! As always, please feel free to give me your recommendations.

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