Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Lissy Trullie, Slowgun, She King and more


Anne Clark

File Under: Experimental dark electronica/industrial
From: London
For Fans Of: Underworld, Cirque du Soleil, Run Lola Run, black nail polish, The Crow, Prodigy.
Bonus: Here’s a hot remix of one of Clark’s most popular tracks, “Our Darkness."

Angelique Kidjo

File Under: Afro-beat, jazz funk
From: Benin, West Africa
For Fans Of: The Very Best, Zap Mama, Al Green, Cuban coffee, bright colors, warm breezes.
Bonus: Grab this fantastic tune, “Kelele.” It will warm your soul.

She King

File Under: Funk rock that packs a punch
From: Toronto
For Fans Of: Melissa Ferrick’s rockier stuff, Heart, Hunter Valentine, chain wallets, grommet belts.
Bonus: Lead singer Shawnee “Hottie McHotpants” Lynn Talbot, is out and proud. Win yet another one for our team.


File Under: Neo-soul with heavy beats
From: Vienna, Austria
For Fans Of: Bridget Lyons, Nikka Costa, Sunshine Anderson, blueberry pancakes, Amy Winehouse’s Frank album, high-heeled boots, Taylor Dane.
Bonus: Check out this cute interview with Lylit.

Susanne Sundfør

File Under: Breathtakingly beautiful minimalist singer/songwriter
From: Norway
For Fans Of: The Cinematic Orchestra, having feelings, Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple’s slower songs, Minor Majority, reading by candlelight, small thoughtful gifts.
Bonus: I wish I could remember who recommended her to me so I could thank you thank you thank you! Now, share her with other people you love.


File Under: Soft pop rock
From: UK
For Fans Of: Throwing Muses, The Breeders, The Murmers, mittens, Reality Bites, early Liz Phair.
Bonus: One of the band’s members is AE reader Radioactive Girl! I found out about her band from trolling through this great community board.

Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll be back next Wednesday with 10 more women to check out.

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