Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Lali Puna, Tracy Chapman, Katie Arminger and more

Fiona Apple

File Under: Voice like molasses, gorgeous piano and balladry
From: California
For fans of: Regina Spektor, writing down your feelings, Rachael Yamagata, cabaret
Bonus: I’m actually shocked not everyone knows about Fiona, so the bonus for me is getting to introduce her to some of you.

Cat Power

File Under: Another voice filled with love, longing, sadness and sometimes, more recently, redemption
From: Miami
For fans of: Blues, folk, laying in bed with the lights off with music playing, Rilo Kiley
Bonus: At one point, Chan suffered from terrible stage fright and would have to play with her back towards the audience. Now, she’s one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen. Also, she is absolutely stunning.

Katie Arminger

File Under: Country, pop, music I know almost nothing about
From: Houston, Texas
For fans of: Faith Hill, Shania Twain, cowboy boots, branching out to country music slowly
Bonus: She’s really not bad! I don’t know if I’d listen to her on a rainy day (as this week’s theme suggests) but I’m trying to give you some new musical genres to consider.

Juana Molina

File Under: Experimental, ambient music spoken-sung by the Argentinean artist.
From: Argentina
For fans of: Lali Puna, Bebe, abstract art
Bonus: At some angles, she looks like the Argentinean Alanis Morisette.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man

File Under: Aching, longing, tears on my pillow pain in my heart over you, eerie stripped down Portishead.
From: UK
For fans of: Portishead, Hope Sandoval, PJ Harvey, haunted houses
Bonus: Beth Gibbons was raised on a farm and enjoyed the work so much, she skipped college and instead continued to toil away on the family farm.

Hopefully next week will be more upbeat and the weather will put me in a better mood. I’ll be at Lollapalooza this weekend so perhaps there will even be a few more acts I find that are worthy enough of bringing to your attention. Until next week, xoxo.

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