Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Ladyhawke, Kap Bambino, Gold Motel and more


Yuka Honda

File Under: Downtempo electronic, trip-hop, experimental and psychedelic

From: NYC via Tokyo

For Fans Of: Luscious Jackson, Beth Orton remixed by Portishead, buying things from Rotofugi, drum circles and fire dances

Bonus: She was co-founder of the fantastic band Cibo Matto alongside Miho Hattori.

Brenda Lee

File Under: Classic rock ‘n roll, rockabilly, soul, all-over-the-map sweetness who has provided some of the greatest classics of all time.

From: Nashville via Georgia

For Fans Of: The original Hairspray soundtrack, Girl, Interrupted, Elvis, Connie Francis, Werthers Originals, visiting Nana in Boca.

Bonus: Well this is probably just for me because I’m obsessed with old people, but I love that she has her own MySpace page — even if she doesn’t keep it up herself — and she’s still touring!


File Under: Indie singer/songwriter whose songs are filled with gorgeous layers of instrumentals and a voice I’d like to tuck me in at night.

From: Olympia, Washington

For Fans Of: A soft summer rain, Julie Doiron, Mazzy Star, Feist, romantic embraces.

Bonus: OK, not a bonus, this totally grosses me out – she was born on her kitchen table. Hey, somebody pass the potato pancakes over this way!


File Under: Electro-pop with an ’80s glam ring around the collar

From: New Zealand

For Fans Of: Little Boots, off the shoulder sweatshirts, leg warmers, Robyn, laser light shows, sex with the lights off.

Bonus: She’s a gal pal! Win one for our team! Also, here’s a remix of her jam My Delirium.

Grace Jones

File Under: Island pop, synth-R&B, the gender-neutral boogie-person coming to life and instead of attacking you, singing to you.

From: Jamaica

For Fans Of: Halloween, Janelle Monae, Andy Warhol, Sade, leather onesies, dungeons, the movie Beetlejuice.

Bonus: Jones is an out bisexual who has been linked to the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” Janice Dickenson. That is a strange pair to think about, but I’m still thinking about it.

And there you have it; another week of Women to Listen to has come and gone. I’m off to take more cold medicine but please have a great rest of your week for me. I’ll be back next week with another installment.

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