Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Karima Francis, Bachelorette, Janelle Monae and more!


File Under: Psychedelic electronic pop with breathy vocals that could convince you to dial a 900 number answered by femmebots.
From: New Zealand
For Fans of: Lali Puna, El Perro del Mar, space and time travel, the softer side of Radiohead.
Bonus: Annabel Alpers, the woman behind Bachelorette, studied electronic music composition in college. I didn’t even realize there was a curriculum for that.

A Fine Frenzy

File Under: Gorgeous sweeping pop songs packed with emotion
From: L.A.
For Fans of: Bandi Carlile, Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, sundresses, patent-leather shoes, piano, being sentimental
Bonus: Oh redheads, the things you do to me …


File Under: Thrash electro-dance that will haduken the rest of your iTunes library, but then they’ll pat you on the head and apologize for being so rough with you.
From: NYC
For Fans of: Crystal Castles, anime, electroclash, FC Kahuna, The Faint, kicking ass and taking names.

Janelle Monae

File Under: Are you kidding me? This is an amazing, all-over-the-map artistic genius, playful, smart, neo-retro oxymoronic fungasm
From: Kansas
For Fans of: James Brown, Outkast, of Montreal, Erykah Badu, the Harlem Renaissance
Bonus: The girl is not afraid to rock a suit and looks good doing it.

Anne Clark

File Under: Deep, dark electro industrial that borders on electro-poetry (or maybe it is – since there isn’t much singing here, but it’s worth it).
From: Belgium
For fans of: Chicks on Speed, The Cure, black as your primary color, lizards as pets, leather.

That’s all for this week – let me know how you’re liking these suggestions and feel free to send me your own!

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