Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Giselle Rosselli, Sea of Bees, The Pierces and more


Nicole Atkins

File Under: Powerful southern soulful rock that will get your toes tapping
From: Jersey and North Carolina
For Fans Of: Jenny Lewis, Feist, Stevie Nicks, Sia, cabernet
Bonus: She’s going on tour with the Black Keys and has a new album coming out in Januaray – and for the price of an email address, you can get a free download from her Myspace page.Thanks to Turkleton for sharing her with me.


File Under: Experimental hip-hop infused electronic music that is easily more enjoyable than most of the electronic music out there
From: L.A.
For Fans Of: Moby, Shlomo, 4 a.m. clubs,
Bonus: Her latest album, Midnight Menu, might be on my list of top 10 albums of the year.

Aimee Francis

File Under: Total, utter, complete rock ‘n roll
From: Melbourne
For Fans Of: The Pack A.D., dropping F-bombs, tattoos, skinny black jeans, PBR, Poison
Bonus: I’m fairly certain she’s a gal pal and she just finished touring the UK and just started playing in L.A. this month. If you’re out that way, check her out.

Oh Land

File Under: Sexy fun electro-pop that I’d totally like to go on a date with
From: Denmark
For Fans Of: Lace gloves, ’60s mod outfits, dark bars, Fellini films
Bonus: Here’s a free donwload of her jam "Son of a Gun” (Yuksek Remix) (Thanks Treehouse!)

Giselle Rosselli

File Under: Melodic and understated singer/songwriter that is beautifully unique
From: Sydney
For Fans Of: Collecting sea shells by the sea shore, Beirut, multi-talented musicians playing multiple instruments, Beth Orton
Bonus: One of her songs was featured in the show Skins and I know that I lot of you love pretty much anything Skins-related, so there you go!

As per usual, send me a private message with your own suggestions and I might even feature them right here in this column! Have a fantastic week everybody!

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