Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Girls Dead Monster, Sonique, Jessie J, and more


Edie Carey

File Under: Light-hearted pop Americana, acoustic folk, singer-songwriter

From: Chicago

For Fans of: Catie Curtis, Meg Hutchinson, Shawn Colvin, sun showers, quinoa, Colbie Caillat.

Bonus: Edie is offering a free download from her latest album, Bring The Sea.


File Under: Hot hip-popping gal pal who I can’t find on Myspace and makes me wish I paid more attention in Hebrew class.

From: Israel

For Fans of: Rap-sing, The Spice Girls (check out her song “A Good Day”), tabouli, CSS, M.I.A., Bomba Estereo.

Bonus: Thanks to an AfterEllen reader (whose name I can’t find right now, I tried!!) I found out about Shorty and her hotness. I’m going to try to get us an interview now too!

And there you have it everybody. I’m going to go rest and I’ll be back with more tunes next week.

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