Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Girls Dead Monster, Sonique, Jessie J, and more


Girls Dead Monster

File Under: Alternative Rock with a sprinkle of pop, bands made for television purposes

From: Japan

For Fans of: Japanimation, Angel Beats! television show, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez.

Bonus: The voice of the band, Miyuki Sawashiro, has also been the voice in various video games and often does the English to Japanese dubbing of movies.

The Murmurs

File Under: 90s girl bands, angst-rock

From: Formed in NYC

For Fans of: Kinnie Star, Tegan and Sara, Liz Phair, pixie haircuts, Trader Joes, t-shirts with knit sweaters over, The L Word.

Bonus: Before there was Uh Huh Her, The L Word and yogurt commercials, Leisha Haley was a Murmur. She and co-founder Heather Grody formed the band in 1991 and kept it going until renaming the band, Gush in 2001.

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