Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Girls Dead Monster, Sonique, Jessie J, and more


Alisa Weilerstein

File Under: Accomplished cellist who brings her music to life with the passion in her hands.

From: Rochester, New York

For Fans of: Letting music take over your emotions, Tori Amos (in that she plays her cello the way Tori plays her piano), eggplant as a color – and I guess as a vegetable too, German expressionist films.

Bonus: She recently did a tiny desk concert at NPR and it is available for streaming.


File Under: Electro pop, dance, gay club music

From: London

For Fans of: Rozalla, Amber, disco, dancing on boxes, strobe lights, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Cascada.

Bonus: I heard one of her songs at the gym yesterday and it was a blast from my past. I couldn’t listen to her for a while in college after my girlfriend and I broke up and she reminded me of her – but, 10 years later, we’re back together and Sonique can be played at high volume.

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