Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Fever Ray, Dana Jade, Within Temptation and more


File Under: Neo-soul, jazz-pop, sex for your eardrums

From: Denmark

For Fans Of: Raphael Saadiq, Jill Scott, Mayer Hawthorne, Jimetta Rose, breakfast in bed, letting those eggs get cold, being dressed to the nines, Valentine’s Day (the holiday, not the movie).

Bonus: Here’s a free download of their jam “Slippin.”


File Under: Electroclash, spoken-punk

From: Detroit Rock City

For Fans Of: Loving and hating the ‘80s at the same time, middle fingers, Numbers, Sexy Sushi’s “Sexy Ghetto,” Kap Bambino, Dandi Wind, using safety pins as earrings, sloppy mohawks, Jack Daniels.

Bonus: This husband and wife duo are also the founders of the Ersatz Audio record label and is responsible for putting out some great artists. Also please note, the period punctuation at the end of their name.

Fever Ray

File Under: Haunting voice from the electro-underbelly

From: Sweden

For Fans Of: The Knife (of which she is the female half), Planningtorock, if The Presets were given tranquilizers, Bat for Lashes, dark robes, post-apacolyptic photography.

Bonus: Check out her painfully beautiful video for “Keep The Streets Empty For Me.”

Agnes Monica

File Under: Going from dance pop to melodic ballads

From: Indonesia

For Fans Of: Sarah Valenzuela, the Indonesian look-alike of Leighton Meester (Google image search), Jennifer Lopez on the more R&B fueled songs, Kelly Rowland.

Bonus: Agnes is a US Drug Enforcement Administration Anti-drug Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific region. Hugs, not drugs kids.

Laura Pausini

File Under: Dance pop and — dare I say — alt-country

From: Italy

For Fans Of: Bebe, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, gorgeous brunettes, red wine, cocktail dresses, romance languages.

Bonus: Pausini has recorded music in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French. I think she’s tied with Sabina from The Brazilian Girls!

That’s all for this week lady friends (and any lesbros chillin’ on this here page). Enjoy the rest of the week and remember that when all else fails, there’s music.

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