Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Camélia Jordana, Now Now, FM Supreme and more

The AccoLade

File Under: Rock balladry inspired by paintings

From: Saudi Arabia

For Fans Of: Romantic Classicism, glam rock, Sick of Sarah, jeans, vintage T-shirts, empowerment.

Bonus: The ladies were first brought to mass attention when the New York Times did a profile on them back in 2008.

Random Recipe

File Under: Neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz cabaret, trip-hop

From: Montreal

For Fans Of: Bahamadia, Zap Mama, Beastie Boys, sleeveless sweatshirts, Arctic Monkeys, rainbow sherbet.

Bonus: Grab a free download of their song, “Shipwreck.”

Peachy Keene

File Under: Dream pop with an unmistakable West Coast sound

From: Silverlake, California

For Fans Of: The Murmurs, Bright Eyes, soft ’90s femme rock, Naomily, blueberry muffins.

Bonus: Two of the cutie pies in this group are sisters and one of them bats for our team!


File Under: Electro-pop rock, indie dance

From: Brazil

For Fans Of: LCD Soundsystem, The Ting Tings, hot pants, mesh tops, dance pits.

Bonus: Grab a free download of their song, “Rat Is Dead (Rage).”

Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children)

File Under: Broody indie pop rock

From: Minnesota

For Fans Of: Argyle sweaters from thrift stores, Land of Talk, An Horse, Postal Service.

Bonus: Thanks to AE reader Janay (yet again) for bringing them to my attention! Their hometown fans can get excited– they’ll be in Minneapolis on Friday!

Danger Gang

File Under: Visual Kei performers, punk rock to melt your face off.

From: Japan

For Fans Of: Exist + Trace, Aeon Flux, After Forever, Holly Miranda, bangs in your face, Fat Tire beer.
Bonus: Their hair is pretty awe-inspiring.

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