Your Gay Winter Book Guide: Books By and About Lesbians


Who wrote it: Lesbian TV personality Jane Velez-Mitchell

Why you should read it: Jane paints a picture of the true nature of addiction — it’s not just drugs, sex and alcohol.

Who will like it: Obsessives, addicts, people who enjoy being scared or kept in fear, people who love TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

Who wrote it: Photographer Kim Rosenberry

Why you should read it: It’s all portraits of out black women and their partners and families.

Who will like it: Women of color, black lesbians, photography fans, interracial couples.

Who wrote it: Queer theorist Robert J. Corber

Why you should read it: It’s about how sexuality factors into gay women’s public personas and Hollywood careers.

Who will like it: Gay movie-goers, aspiring lesbian actors, media-obsessed readers, lovers of old Hollywood.

Who wrote it: San Francisco-based artist MariNaomi

Why you should read it: It’s a graphic novel depicting MariNaomi’s life exploring her sexuality and love life.

Who will like it: Queer chicks, fans of Ariel Schrag, graphic novelist aficionados, Michelle Tea-devotees.

Find these books at your local feminist bookstore. If all else fails, try

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