Your Gay Winter Book Guide: Books By and About Lesbians

Who wrote it: New York City chef Gabrielle Hamilton

Why you should read it: It will make you hungry for amazing food and life experiences.

Who will like it: Memoir fans, foodies, aspiring writers, gay women who have married a man but later got divorced.

Who wrote it: Historian Susan Ware

Why you should read it: It gives you an in-depth look at the legendary lesbian tennis player.

Who will like it: Biography readers, sporty girls, lesbians alive during the ‘70s, any woman who has ever played a sport or wanted to.

Who wrote it: Actress Meredith Baxter

Why you should read it: It gives you the details on Meredith’s life from childhood through present day, which spans topics such as her first relationship with a woman, coming out, her abusive marriage and her acting career.

Who will like it: Fans of Family Ties, women who have survived abusive relationships and alcoholism, lesbians who like Sweet Cruises/celesbians.

Who wrote it: Poet Michelle Antoinette Nelson

Why you should read it: It’s a collection of creative and frank poetry about judgement, relationships and being a lesbian and woman of color.

Who will like it: Slam poetry lovers, Stacyann Chin fans, gay black women, poets.

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