Your Gay Fall Book Guide: Books By and About Lesbians


Who wrote it: Canadian writer Gabriella Goliger
Why you should read it: It’s about a Jewish girl, Antonia Goldblatt, coming of age (and coming out) in Montreal in the 1960s.
Who will like it: Those interested in the aftermath of the Holocaust; Canadians; butch girls; reformed hippies; Middle Eastern lesbians.

Who wrote it: Later-in-life lesbians
Why you should read it: Full disclosure — I’m one of the essayists. But besides that, it’s full of great pieces from women of all ages and places that discovered their true sexual orientation after having relationships with men.
Who will like it: Questioning and curious women, people who like to hear others’ coming out stories; families and friends of people who are in the book.

Who wrote it: Nurse-turned-novelist Ana Corman
Why you should read it: It’s a love story about a down-on-her-luck bookstore owner and an intriguing oncologist.
Who will like it: Professional women; women who work in bookstores; lesbians who like Radclyffe or other romance novels.

Who wrote it: Sexually ambiguous writer Sara Marcus
Why you should read it: It’s a detailed history of riot grrrl with mentions of the lesbians involved in the movement.
Who will like it: Fans of Bikini Kill, Team Dresch and Tribe 8; feminists; riot grrls from back when; lesbian historians; those nostalgic for the ’90s.

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