Your Gay Fall Book Guide: Books By and About Lesbians

Who wrote it: Superior Court Judge Martha E. Bellinger
Why you should read it: It’s a telling tale of one woman’s determination to be out in the 1970s and maintain a successful law career.
Who will like it: Feminists; lesbians with political aspirations; Christians; equality activists.

Who wrote it: Irish writer Emma Donoghue
Why you should read it: It’s one of the best works of fiction this year. It follows a young boy and his mother forced to live in a single room for five years.
Who will like it: People who like Nightline or true crime TV shows; single mothers; anyone who doesn’t mind reading from the perspective of a 5-year-old.

Who wrote it: British young adult author Matthew Yorke
Why you should read it: 17-year-old Lily is a club kid that ends up in a brief relationship with another girl named Sula.
Who will like it: Teenage bisexual females; lesbians who enjoy reminiscing about times past when they did drugs and went dancing.

Who wrote it: Straight novelist Joyce Hinnefeld
Why you should read it: A southern black woman named Mary Elizabeth (M.E. for short) tries to seduce her roommate but isn’t successful.
Who will like it: Bible belt gay girls; daughters with mommy issues; lesbians who love straight women; gay co-eds.

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