“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.9 “Results Are In”

Paisley sashays out next, wearing a skimpy top and a big
smile. After working with Rebecca, she lost more than 25 pounds and gained "inner

Jackie likes glow.

Up next it’s everyone’s favorite problem child, Deenie. If
she wasn’t whining about her cankle, thumb or thyroid, she was crying or
yelling at Gregg. It’s all in the past now, and she steps out to show off her
new look, sans 33 pounds of excuses and self-pity.

Greg Plitt tells everyone she’s also quit the bottle and cut
her smoking down to half a pack a day. Not the bottle and the smokes! Is there
such a thing as going too far?

Erika’s client Damon strolls out next. He’s shaved his
beard, cut his hair and lost the eyeglasses. He’s also lost 16 pounds.

Guaranteed to vomit during every single run, Shannon the
Chunk Blower is now Shannon, the Mind Blower — she’s lost an impressive 44.5
pounds working out with sweet, gentle J.D.

Jesse and his client Natalie are next. She’s wearing her
Goal Dress, the one with the terrifying straps and way too much skin exposure.

Jesse hands Natalie some flowers and everyone starts to tear
up, listening to Natalie describe what it was like to lose more than 51 pounds and
also find herself again, thanks to Jesse.

Natalie: I’ve
never felt this good in my entire life, and I owe it to this man. He
transformed me from the inside out. It could not have been possible without

Jesse wipes away tears of pride and joy when he hears
Natalie say, "It’s just about being fabulous,"
because he knows his work as a super-gay super-trainer is done.

Just as everyone finishes wiping their noses on their
sleeves, Tyra comes blowing in dressed to impress.

After a questionable start marked by perpetual tardiness,
Tyra came around mid-program, and with her fierce determination and crazy,
gung-ho ways, she lost 28 big ones and is "still going."

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