“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.9 “Results Are In”

When the boss calls —
Rebecca goes in the other room to take Jackie’s call. She hears her say that
Briana’s "very clearly jeopar — made her decision." That was an interesting
slip o’ the tongue.

When your girlfriend refuses to tell you anything more than "Do
whatever you want" and "It’s up to you," it’s a trap. Right after they invented passive-aggressiveness,
they invented this little game. Don’t fall for it, people!

Jackie then asks Rebecca, "Can you just please get your
things and leave?" Jackie’s cry for help has Rebecca out the door so fast
she doesn’t have time eat, which is just as well, because Greg’s idea of flavor
comes with bonus hypertension.

After Rebecca leaves, hookup buddies Renessa and Greg are
alone and sober for the first time. They sit down to eat Greg’s home-cooked dinner,
and within minutes they realize something astonishing: They bore the crap out
of each other. Heh. Another showmance hits the skids.

Rebecca comes running
Rebecca makes it over to Jackie’s in no time flat because when the one
you admire most needs you, you become blind to stop lights.

Rebecca: Jackie
is a strong, sexy, smart woman. And I fell for her. And the chemistry that we
have is unparalleled. But at the end of the day, I am friends with Jackie and I
am there for her if she needs to talk to me.

If only Rebecca were gay. Or if only Jackie was a dude. If
only I had a billion dollars. Everyone would be so happy.

They sit down to discuss the Briana sitch. Rebecca reminds
Jackie that Briana is so young that her mind is "still developing," as
if she’s a fetus with a nose stud and a cell phone.

Jackie admits she can be immature, too (No! Really?), but
their actual age difference might end up being a deal-breaker.

Jackie: I would
not have moved her in, knowing an ounce of what I know now. I honestly thought
that we had our stuff together. And I really think she’s a great person and I
really love her — which she is, and I do. But I started feeling safe enough and
feeling really comfortable with the idea of, like, OK, I might be able to say "forever"
with this one.

I’m still not clear where an age problem exists. Or is it really
the ex and the text, and its wrecks and effects? One thing is becoming clear:
Jackie doesn’t want a relationship where she’s the only one taking Boniva.

Whatever happens with Briana, Jackie and Rebecca will always
have each other and their platonic romance. Or romantic friendship. Or whatever
it is going on between them.

The big reveal — The
next day, Jackie and the trainers are out on the Sky Sport deck. There’s a buzz
of anticipation in the air. Jackie announces it’s the moment they’ve all been
waiting for. No, Bravo has not announced Season 4 — it’s the SkyLabbers’ big
reveal day.

Micah is the first to emerge. Over the course of the SkyLab
program, Agostina tore him down and rebuilt him from the loafers up, ridding
him of 23 pounds, several inches and any hint of heterosexuality.

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