“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.9 “Results Are In”


Dr. Shirley suggests that a lack of communication is the
underlining problem. That may very well be, but even the idiot who is me can
read this body language.

Jackie’s big enough to admit, "Hell, no, we’re not
communicators" and "Briana and I suck," and theorizes it’s because
Briana communicates like a woman and she communicates more like a man.

Well, let’s see. Briana tries to talk Jackie into eating
healthy food. Jackie likes to talk about her accomplishments. Briana said she
appreciates Jackie’s giving spirit. Jackie never apologizes. Briana reaches out
to Jackie and Jackie shrugs her off, saying, "Don’t touch me right now."

Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but Jackie’s
from Uranus.

Dr. Shirley reminds the girls they’ve only been together
four and a half months; they shouldn’t be in couples’ therapy already.

Dr. Shirley: I
guess the most important question is, "Do I want to try and make this
relationship work?"

The temperature in the office has dropped drastically. Jackie
looks away. Briana sits nodding wordlessly. Eventually, Jackie and Briana leave
the therapy session together. And by "together," I mean they just happen
to take the same elevator.

Going down.

Last push to the
finish line —
It’s the last day of SkyLab boot camp, and all the clients
have assembled for one final training session. They do a bit of circuit
training on Sky Sport’s glistening machines.

Everyone’s improved considerably since they first waddled
their way through Sky Sport’s doors — no one is wheezing, puking, or
complaining. Even Deenie’s traded in her old crybaby ways for a new, positive
attitude. Even lazy Paisley looks like she could kick my ass. Gah, I have got
to start working out.

Other changes — Outside,
Greg Plitt runs into a hot blonde as he arrives for work. They come face to face
by the front door. That’s not just any hot blonde, that’s Erika, sporting a new
cut and color.

Greg just happens to be carrying a copy of their magazine
cover shoot. He hands her a copy to keep and show the grandkids someday.

Fast forward to the year 2038.

Grandkid: What’s
this, Grammy?
Erika: It’s called a magazine. Grammy
used to be a real hottie, back in her day. And guess what? I was once on this
crazy reality show with Jackie Warner.
Grandkid: You mean the first lesbian
governor of California?
Erika: That’s right, honey. Before
she went into politics, Governor Warner was my boss. Imagine that!

OK, maybe not.

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