“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”

It’s 11:04 p.m., do you know where your
trainer is? —
Sixteen hours after they started, Jackie and Co. are still taping. Jesse’s ready to walk. Rebecca
looks wrung out. Even Renessa has stopped grinning and mugging for the camera. And
as always, Agostina hangs back and quietly observes it all.

tells Jackie they’re in the home stretch; she just has to do the warm-up
segment one more time. By now, Jackie’s been on camera for more than two
regular workdays. She runs through the warm-up effortlessly. Nothing cures a
case of the nerves faster than exhaustion and a feeling of "I just don’t
give a s— anymore."

cuts in and says, "That’s a wrap!"

hugs all around! All except Jesse, who was halfway to his car before the word "wrap"
left Andrea’s lips. OK, not really. He gives Jackie a big, brotherly hug, but
secretly, he just wants help standing.

thanks her staff for making it through the day (and night) like the troupers
they are. She thanks Keli for I don’t know what. She thanks Andrea, who finally
looks happy because she knows she just captured a little Jackie Warner magic in
a bottle.

Snooping — Later that night, Jackie is
home alone, showered and ready for bed. She reads herself a bedtime story by
snooping through Briana’s cell phone text messages. There’s a new message on
it, and it’s from Briana’s ex-girlfriend. Did anyone else just hear a shoe

long, Briana, good knowing ya. Keep in touch, won’t you?

Next week on Work Out: In the season finale, the SkyLab clients reveal their
new bods. Jackie confronts Briana about her ex and goes to Jesse and Rebecca for
advice. Was there no one else?

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