“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”


takes later, she’s nailed it, but it’s too late; the crew is on their
union-mandated afternoon nap.

soon learns that if she flubs, they don’t pick up where they are; she has to
start all over. The trainers do their part, demonstrating exercises until their
cheeks are aching from smiling and they can’t feel their toes.

concentrates on perfecting her form, Rebecca powers through a million push-ups,
and Renessa conveys girlie squeals of delight using just her face.

steps out from behind the camera and gives an exhausted Rebecca some bad news
about her push-up segment.

Andrea: We always
have to do everything twice.
Rebecca: OK …
Andrea: Do you think you can make it
Rebecca: I’m going to do my very

tells Rebecca she feels for her and apologizes on behalf of every fitness video
ever made. Rebecca starts to cry.

Rebecca: I don’t
think you understand the magnitude of the situation. I cannot lift my arms.

camera rolls, and this time there’s no smiling or cutesy, showgirl antics. Rebecca
puts her game face on and gets through the segment on nothing but sheer will.

didn’t set a world record for bench-pressing at the tender age of 17 by being a
wussified quitter.

Meanwhile, across town — While the
never-ending workout shoot is going on, J.D. goes on his blind date with Jesse’s
friend Derek. It’s a date like any other date; there’s some drinking, some
eating, some chitty-chat about work, tattoos and criminal records. Ya know, the

go well and after dinner, out on the sidewalk, J.D. shows his appreciation for
a lovely evening by swallowing Derek whole.

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