“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”

rehearsals are over, everyone is wiped and suddenly worried how they’re going
to make it through five or six takes of everything for the camera. Andrea is
finally satisfied and reminds Jackie and the others to show up on shoot day
strong, shredded and ready to show off their zah-zah-zing.

The easy way out — Fresh from her
sensitivity training, gossipmonger-impersonating-a-managing-director Lisa shows
up in Jackie’s office.

Jackie: You look
Lisa: Thank you!
Jackie: I like to tell you that when
you come sit down.
Lisa: Why?
Jackie: ‘Cause I know it makes you
happy. And then you perform better. See? It’s all manipulation.

Memo to
Jackie: It works better if you don’t tell them what you’re doing. But, oh, Jackie
loves to flirt with Lisa. She just can’t help herself.

asks Jackie for a day off. Jackie wants to know why. After a little hedging,
Lisa says she’s having surgery. Jackie looks slightly concerned, but Lisa is
smiling too coyly for it to be serious.

Lisa ‘fesses up she’s going in for liposuction. Jackie stops smiling; she has
never been a fan of short cuts and scalpels. If only the doctors would suck the
fat out of Lisa’s head, instead.

Jackie: You’ve
got a whole gym and trainers at your disposal. You’ve not even tried that.
Lisa: I have. I have, I swear to
you. I’ve worked out; you haven’t seen me.
Jackie: [skeptically] Who are you
working out with, consistently?
Lisa: Agostina … I’ve worked out
Jackie: How many times a week? Be

doesn’t answer Jackie and looks away. Jackie’s also peeved that Lisa chose such
a busy month to get cellulite sucked out of her thighs. She reminds Lisa all
she has to do is change her eating habits and try harder — Jackie even offers
to let her work out during her workday. Sweet.

But although
Jackie says, "Don’t do it," Lisa doesn’t want to hear it. Keep your
laws off of my body! Jackie relents and gives her the day off.

Dude. You
work at a gym a lot of people can’t afford. It’s crawling with in-demand
personal trainers. What the hell? I guess you can lead a horse to water, but
you can’t make it get on the Stairmaster.

Shoot day — It’s early morning on the
day of the shoot. Rebecca wanders into makeup and chats with Jackie as she gets
her face put on. Rebecca confesses she woke up in the middle of the night and
ate Nutella straight from the jar. A
good way to avoid eating Nutella in the middle of the night is to not buy
Nutella. Rebecca looks sad.

But it’s
not guilt over her midnight snack that’s bringing Rebecca down; it’s her recent
breakup. No wonder she was hanging off Jackie last month like a helpless baby
possum in search of a safe, warm pouch.

Jackie’s so nervous she says she’s going to pass out. Everyone will have to
suck it up because it’s Go Time. Everyone takes their places, and the stage
manager signals to Jackie.

tries reading a teleprompter for the first time and instantly loses the ability
to speak in coherent sentences.

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