“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”


gives Erika a personal "I’m sorry" hug because Erika gets down on
herself so much. But Erika seems fine about losing out to Renessa.

Eh. Erika
is smoking hot and got to do a cover shoot
for a magazine. Everyone gets their moment in the sun.

Man date — The next day, Jesse follows
through on his previous promise to set J.D. up with one of his cute, single
friends. Jesse’s happy to play matchmaker to L.A.’s most eligible gay men, as long as he
doesn’t have to join them on their uncomfortable first dates. If things go
well, he’ll take all the credit; if the date bombs, he doesn’t want to hear
about it. Young J.D. would rather not be left alone with a stranger, but gay
elder Jesse tells his protégé that he must walk the road less traveled (Santa
Monica Blvd, that is) alone.

Jesse does
give Junior some sage advice before sending him out into the dating world: Don’t
get too hammered on a first date.

Taste the flava of discontent — Back at
Casa Warner, Jackie tells Briana she wants to add onto the house, maybe build
an extra room off the garage. Briana offers up the construction services of her
sister and brother-in-law, who live in San

are relatives for, if not to get stuff done on the cheap?

says she can’t afford to fly them down to L.A.,
so Briana suggests they work on the house the next time they come to visit. Yeah,
dealing with permits and day laborers between visits to Disneyland
sounds like fun for them. Jackie nixes the suggestion, looks annoyed and
changes the subject.

Jackie: What are
we gonna eat tonight?
Briana: Do you want to go out, or do
you want to make chicken and vegetables or something?
Jackie: Let’s eat out tonight.
Briana: You don’t like how I cook;
it’s too healthy for you.
Jackie: It’s not too healthy, it
just has no taste.
Briana: Well, if you would actually
taste it, you might taste the taste of it.

on, Briana tried to make Jackie drink
a shake
made from pond algae, grass and leaves, or something equally gag-alicious.
Her attempt to indoctrinate Jackie into her world of ingestible photosynthesis tanked.
Now Jackie doesn’t want anything to do with Briana’s cooking. Oh, sure, she’ll
sip a piping hot mug of weeds, but the thought of having to choke down one of
Briana’s poopy protein entrées gives her a migraine.

Jackie is starting to question the wisdom of moving in so fast. Really? Moving
in with someone before you’ve learned their last name isn’t the most level-headed
thing to do, but not agreeing on fennel is hardly a warning sign of incompatibility.

the taste of this, Jackie: Maybe you’re addicted to candy. Jackie will forever
crave fireballs like Mimi, or tangy, sweet treats like Rebecca, but Briana —
and all her good-for-you goodness — will never sate someone who lives on girl

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