“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”

asks Erika to lift up her shirt, so she knots it up obediently, but feels
self-conscious, nonetheless. She looks fine — certainly no worse than Jesse,
who’s up next with Agostina. They, too, have to sell it to the mezzanine.

Is this
an audition for a workout video or A Chorus Line?

sees Jesse’s chest tat that says "Om Nama Shiva" and asks what it
means. I’m no expert, but it might not be spelled right. Jesse tells her it’s
Hindi for "I love Jackie Warner." This is the mantra that has gotten
Jesse through many a season of Work Out.

Next up
are Gregg and Renessa. Gregg has zero interest in being in the video and makes it
clear by showing up in his "Jolly Green Gay Giant" getup, complete
with knee socks and "ball-crunching" shorts. Meanwhile, Renessa seems
to think she’s there trying out for a part on Charlie’s Angels, and tarts it up by tousling her hair to fall strategically
across her face.

Renessa: As soon
as it started, I warmed up to it. I’m like, "OK, I can do this and I might
as well look damn good doing it."

"damn good" is relative, but Andrea and Jackie love it.

kids are sent outside while the grown-ups compare notes.

trio decide that Renessa was a hit, Jesse has a cute charm, and Agostina is a
Latin hottie. Andrea thought Gregg was fun. And by "fun," she means
has large testicles.

Jackie tells
them that Greg Plitt is already a professional fitness model. The real disappointment
of the evening is longtime employee Erika, who was charisma-free, awkward and
sloppy — the very antithesis of what sexy, sexy Sky Sport stands for.

calls everyone back inside. Jackie asks Erika, J.D., Greg, and Gregg to step
forward. Rebecca jumps the gun and gives them all a small, "Yay," but
it’s bad news for these bears.

this particular project, it’s not going to work out, I’m sorry," Jackie
says calmly. But if she ever needs an Angelina Jolie look-alike, a black
Richard Simmons and a superhero, Erika, Gregg and Greg are in.

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