“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.8 “Make It Work … Out”


down a steep, dusty path, Jackie slips and falls on her butt.

editor, you are a cruel, cruel person. I like you.

Auditions — Later that night, Andrea,
Keli and Jackie hold the backup dancer auditions in the gym. All the trainers
are there, but there are only a few spots to fill with Sky Sport’s
best-looking, "star quality" hot bods. Some will go home winners; some
will just go home.

Jackie: It’s
going to be sexy, because you guys are all sexy. You know, we’re all sexy. It’s
a sexy gym, a sexy environment, and I want the DVD to be sexy. But get a hell
of a workout.

wants it to be sexy, in case anyone missed her point. But not too sexy, I hope.
You want people working out more than their hand.

up: Rebecca and J.D. Rebecca jokes she feels like she’s back in school, trying
out for cheerleading. Did your head cheerleader also once make you her special
cuddle monkey? If not, then this would not be like school.

asks if she should take her shirt off. Um, do strippers always have change for
a five? She peels off her top, and Andrea gets a load of her ripped tummy. You’re
so hired.

gives Rebecca and J.D. some choreographed moves; they’re dancey, breezy, and
not at all how they train in real life. While Rebecca and J.D. continue sweatin’ to the oldies, Andrea and
Jackie put their heads together and confer about who has what it takes to stand
behind Jackie in the video.

Plitt and Erika are paired up next and stand before the judges. Andrea asks
Plitt to take his shirt off — not for the video, just for her own amusement. Heh.
Andrea is not "all work and no play" after all.

says, "I would put Greg Plitt in my workout video before I would put me in
my workout video."

Keli runs
Erika and Greg through some more choreography that includes a little high
kicking and plenty of Bob Fosse.
Greg does his best, laughing the whole way through, while Erika has trouble
remembering her left from her other left.

Erika: I thought
we were going to be auditioning Jackie’s more traditional training style. Jackie
Warner does not go, "One, two, three … four, five, six … seven, eight."
I was totally caught off-guard.

starts goofing around because the moves are so corny. Jackie tells her to focus,
and the smile immediately drops from her face. Erika respects authority. A lot.

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