“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “No Pain, No Gain”


The Drowsy SkyLabber Agostina
has gone to visit Micah at his apartment, to check on his Sunfare planned meal
supply and demonstrate exercises that he can do in the comfort of his own home.
There’s more of that personal attention that Deenie’s not
from Mr. Rock and Roll, Gregg Butler.

During her home visit, we
learn several things. Sunfare’s miso-blackened salmon is "I mean, like, delicious,"
squats and lunges are fun and easy, and Micah likes Broadway musicals.

Is that a copy of The Drowsy Chaperone
on the bookshelf? No, not too gay.

All aboard — Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jackie assigns Brian’s
former client Shannon to J.D., but not because he earned it or is ready to step
up. It’s because she’s shorthanded. But the Master of Marketing spins it to be a
match made in fitness heaven. J.D. wants to prove himself to the boss, so he
thanks her and runs off to learn how to be a trainer in the next 24 hours.

The next day, it’s time
to leave for the retreat. Everyone meets in the lobby of Sky Sport and prepares
to board the crazy train, which today is cleverly disguised as a charter bus.
Jackie gives trainers and clients alike a peppy talk about the hard emotional
and physical work that lies ahead of them. Lisa, who has no earthly reason to
be there except, hey, free trip, clings to her pillow from home. Maybe they can
drop her off at the Special
, where she can do color commentary, and they can pick her up on
the way back.

En route to the resort,
Jackie suggests that everyone introduce themselves. Agostina states her name
and gushes that her client Micah is awesome. Renessa tells everyone she’s
training Tyra, who gives a hearty "woo hoo" when she hears her name. Jesse
gives it up for his BFF, Natalie. Deenie introduces herself and says Gregg is
her trainer. Where is Gregg, anyway?

Also missing from the
magical misery tour are Erika’s client, Damon, and Greg Plitt; they will be
coming up to the resort on their own.

Too bad they didn’t get
to witness these road trip shenanigans: Jackie and Jesse pretend to kiss. At
the last moment, Jackie and Jesse pull back and giggle, but accidentally brush

Jesse: They touched!
Jackie: It burns! It burns!

I miss Jackie and Jesse’s
amusing gay brother-sister chemistry. For that, I blame the producers.

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