“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”


Breaking news — As Brian angrily storms out of her office, Jackie calls
out to her s—starter henchwoman Lisa, "I want Brian outta here right
now," as if it’s her idea he’s walking out.

Erika and Rebecca stare
as Brian grabs his belongings from his cubby and heads for the elevators,
red-faced. The girls rush into Jackie’s office in shock.

Jackie tells them calmly that
she’s tired of Brian being disrespectful, and they’ll talk about it later. Mouths
agape, Frick and Frack grab each other’s hands and run outside to tell the others
that Brian got fired.

Rebecca’s version casts
her ex-playmate, Jackie, in a very flattering light: "He went into her
office … something happened with them. [He said] ‘I want to discuss something
that happened,’ and she was like, ‘I’m not ready right now, I’m busy,’ and he’s
like, ‘No, you’re going to f—ing
discuss it

Disbelief sweeps the roof
deck (and my living room). Already the story is spun.

Gregg claims he saw that train
wreck coming a mile away. Renessa, who was friends with Brian before she joined
the show, rushes inside to try and catch up to him. Plitt leans forward and offers
up what he knows.

Greg: I’ll tell you what. Peeler told
me a story. And I don’t know the whole story, and I don’t want to take sides,
but it looks like one person was totally unprofessional.

Renessa returns to the
roof deck; she missed Brian’s elevator. Instead, she calls him to conduct his
exit interview because Managing Director Lisa is too busy mocking the way
people with Parkinson’s disease dance and then hiding behind Jackie.

Brian: [on phone] I’m fine. If I ever
see Jackie Warner again, I’m gonna knock her f—ing head off her block. If she
wants to walk like a man and talk like a man, then she can get f—ing beat
like a man.

Rebecca’s jaw practically
falls clean off. She tells him to chill that "like a man" crap.

Brian: [on phone] She’s so
disrespectful. She disrespects you, Rebecca. She disrespects everybody. It’s
all about what’s good for her. I don’t want to work for somebody like that. She’s
not a good leader.

Everyone throws Brian
their sympathies. Gregg tells him he’ll call later. Renessa closes her phone. The
gang slowly disperses.

Meanwhile, Lisa is listening
in and scribbling notes as fast as her dirty little paws will allow.

So long, Michelangelo.
We’ll miss you.

Next week on Work OutBrian’s
loss is J.D.’s gain. Deenie proves to be her own worst enemy. Someone is
crushing on Plitt, and it’s not Jesse. Bummer.

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