“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”

Is cringing considered exercise? — Back at Sky Sport, Gregg tells
Jackie about Deenie’s tearful meltdown. Jackie takes Gregg’s side, natch. Dr.
Warner theorizes that Deenie may, in fact, be unstable. Nobody talks to one of
her trainers like that. That’s her job.

Later that night, the gym
is empty save for Brian and his client, a fitness model. Jackie and Lisa are in
the office, watching them, when Jackie notices that Brian is out of uniform. She
sends Lisa out to give Brian a SkyLab shirt.

While Brian works with
his client, Jackie and Lisa continue spying on them through the window. Always
the professional, Lisa starts cracking wise about the woman’s breasts: They look
fake and stupid.

From around the corner, a
guy sticks his head into the office, identifies himself as the woman’s
boyfriend, and she is — wait for it — a breast cancer survivor. Gulp.

Tune in next week as Lisa
complains about handicapped people getting all the good parking spots and how
deaf people are impossible to understand.

After she’s extracted her
big ol’ clodhopper from her even bigger yap, the Employee of the Year
apologizes to the boyfriend for the "accident," which is good enough
for Jackie and her stupendous ability to deny fault of any kind.

"OK, a couple of bad
jokes were made and that’s it. And we all left and forgot about it,"
Jackie says as she picks up the edge of the rug and gives everything one last

Critical mass — Too bad Brian didn’t sleep like a baby like other
people, who shall remain Jackie and Lisa. The next day, he wants to talk to
Jackie about the incident. But first, Jackie assembles her trainers on the roof
deck to talk about the workout DVD for ExerciseTV.

Jackie is grinning from
ear to ear with excitement as she tells the group they have a chance to
audition to be one of her backup dancers. Brian sits stewing. He could care

After the meeting breaks,
Brian goes straight to Jackie’s office to talk about Lisa’s gift for gab, but
Jackie is not in the rehashing mood. Don’t they all know by now nothing good
ever happens in that office? Brian presses on anyway, and says his client was
disrespected last night.

Jackie: We already handled that, and I’m
not going to discuss it.
Brian: No, you didn’t. You may have
handled it with her boyfriend …
Jackie: I just said to you I am not
discussing that with you.
Brian: OK. Well, you disrespected my
Jackie: Is that what you want? Is
that what you want to talk about? Any more and I’m going to fire you right now.

Brian: OK, fire me then.
Jackie: Then get the f— out.
Brian: OK, peace out, bitch.
Jackie: All right. Goodbye.

Brian stands up and rips
his mic and transmitter off as Jackie watches with a brittle smile.

Jackie: Seriously. When I say I’m not
going to discuss it with you …
Brian: Well, then don’t f—ing disrespect
my goddamn client, bitch.
Jackie: Take your client elsewhere.
Brian: I will.
Jackie: Thank you.

As Ghandi hangs in the
background musing, "You must be the change you want to see in the world,"
Brian mutters "f—ing idiot" at Jackie and throws his audio gear on her
desk, giving the sound man a blown eardrum.

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