“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”


Do my nerves make me look fat? — Over at the fitness magazine photo
shoot, Erika sits nervously as the makeup people make her even hotter.

Greg stands nearby and
tells Erika she looks fantastic. Erika says she’s hasn’t eaten all day because
she’s worried she looks "thick." You’re thick all right. Thick in the
head, girl.

They change into fitness
clothes and stand around waiting to start. Greg tells Erika they need something
to make their chemistry pop on camera. He proceeds to concoct a backstory for
them: They’re married to other people and are having an affair with each other.
This seems to make her smile for some reason.

The photographer understands
that Erika isn’t a professional model and helps her with her poses, telling her
where to place her hands and how to turn her hip for maximum boom-pow. Greg is
an old pro and knows just how to present his lobster tail abs.

Behold the results.

Afterward, Greg asks
Erika out to lunch, which she’s more than eager to do because she’s fricking
starving. During their celebratory meal, Greg tells Erika good-naturedly that
he’s got her all figured out: She’s the alpha dog in her relationships.

Greg: I imagine most guys who try to
date you, or date you, are told what to do a lot. Am I right?
Erika: [laughing] I’m very
particular about certain things. But once you get those things right, then it’s
Greg: [smiling] No, no, no, no. Once
you get those things right, then you come up with a new list.

I think I dated Erika.

Their lunch ends up being
a very nice little meal together. Erika gives Greg her seal of approval, which
she doesn’t do for just anyone. The last time a guy made the cut, Monica
Lewinsky forgot to go to the dry cleaners.

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