“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”


Out on the floor, Erika is
on an elliptical machine, doing emergency cardio in preparation for the shoot
with Greg.

Lisa pops out of her hole
to sniff the air. She approaches Erika over by the elliptical machines.

Lisa: So, do you like him?
Erika: He’s a sweetheart. He’s
really sweet.
Lisa: You get this little smile when
you talk about him. And your blue eyes get bluer.
Erika: I don’t date anyone I work
with, you know that.
Lisa: Sometimes you have to break
the rules. For him, I would.

Erika’s personal policies
are more strict than Sky Sport’s, which may not be saying much, as Sky Sport
doesn’t seem to have any policies. Lisa may want to write an employee handbook,
just as soon as she’s done tattling on people and playing yenta.

Meltdown — Meanwhile, Deenie is sitting around waiting for Gregg. She
could be on the treadmill or doing stretches on her own, I suppose, but really,
why tax yourself if the meter isn’t running?

After 15 minutes or so,
Deenie goes to tell Lisa she’s been abandoned like an overweight baby on the
church steps, and it’s not the first time — Gregg’s late for every session. As
they both go in search of someone else to train her, Gregg saunters off the
elevator without a care in the world.

Deenie wants to hash it
out right there in the lobby. She tells Gregg all the other SkyLab kids talk to
their trainers every day, get more attention and feel 59 percent more love than
she does. Where’s the love, Gregg? Gregg doesn’t feel he owes his client any
more than whatever he’s giving her now.

Gregg: The truth of the situation is,
this is entirely your journey, independently your own. I’m just a here as a
piece of the puzzle.
Deenie: I think that’s bulls—.
Gregg: It’s not bulls—.
Deenie: I’m sorry, but I do.
Gregg: It’s not bulls—.
Deenie: For Jackie to sit here and
say, "Your trainer is your mentor. Your trainer is going to hold your hand
every step of the way. That’s why we’re here …"

Yeah, well. Jackie never
said that, not on-camera, anyway. But J.W. does oversell everything; that’s her
special gift. You don’t start and co-own the third top-grossing cellular company
in southern California
at age 22 by being low-key and honest. Hell, even that biographical tidbit
might be a bunch of bull.

Gregg calmly tells Deenie
that given her injury, she can’t do cardio, and he’s shown her all the other exercises
she can handle. Deenie seems to want more than a list of exercises from Gregg. She
wants the personalized attention and special, sweaty bond the others are
getting from their trainers.

Unfortunately, this
season Gregg’s head is in his music career, so unless she wants to sing a duet
with him, undivided attention from her trainer is just not going to happen.

As the most morbidly
obese client, Deenie needs a dedicated trainer more than anyone. Deenie needs
Jesse, the Super Gay, if you ask me. But Lisa steps in and suggests what Deenie
really wants is a hug. Deenie goes ballistic.

Deenie: It’s my life! It’s my "journey,"
as you call it. So why the f— can’t I have a suggestion about …

Gregg smirks.

Deenie: Don’t look at me like that, I’m
serious! Why do you have the need to cut me down?
Gregg: I’m not cutting you down.
Deenie: Yes you do. Every time that
you sit here and say, "I don’t care what Jackie thinks."
Gregg: How is that cutting you down?

Deenie starts crying. OK.
What the hell just happened?

Gregg tells Deenie she
can call him any time, but she yells at him, "And you don’t call me back!"
I was going to say Gregg is phoning it in these days, but it sounds like he’s
not even doing that. Deenie’s dreams of shopping at the Gap are doomed.

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