“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”

Jackie does a slow boil
and wants to know who the hell Brian Peeler thinks he is. To make matters
worse, Jackie looks out at the gym floor and notices Brian isn’t wearing his
SkyLab uniform — he’s wearing his own "PeelerBuilt" T-shirt. Again. Jack
Daddy is not happy.

"I’m this close to
letting him go, Lisa," Jackie says, "this close."

Little Miss Lisa Schadenfreude
is clapping her hands and jumping up and down, if only on the inside.

Pass the ketchup — Lisa, Erika, Rebecca and Agostina go out to
lunch at Ketchup, a splashy yet stark WeHo (that’s West Hollywood to you)
eatery that doesn’t serve many things a trainer will touch during the week.

Refreshingly untethered
to any form of dieting, Lisa shoves fries in her mouth while the others nibble
on bits of chicken and lettuce. Girls being girls, they all dish about Brian’s Mud
Run disaster and what a sweetie pie Greg Plitt has turned out to be. Erika and
Lisa, the first two SkySportsters to mock his grotesquely over-bouldered body,
have reconsidered their opinion of Plitt and now think he’s the shizzle.

Lisa adds leadingly that
Greg was asking about Erika earlier, prompting a round of girlie gasps and
giggles. Rebecca says, "Shut up!"

It’s enough gossipy
hetero glee to send any self-respecting lesbian running for the door.

Erika deflates their hopes
of a wedding by clarifying he just wanted to talk about the photo shoot,
although she’s still not sure why he chose her. Rebecca starts stealing fries
from Lisa (it’s not cheating if you didn’t order it) and offers Erika her
sincere support.

Rebecca: That could be huge.
Erika: Yeah, but I don’t … my gut
just, like, hanging out …
Rebecca: What gut?

The table tries in vain to
convince Erika’s body dysmorphia to take a hiatus. "The girl is hot. She
needs to be on the cover of something, immediately," Rebecca says simply.

Rebecca: So, do you think there’s any
kind of crush situation going on? Or do you think that it’s just purely
Erika: Who?
Rebecca: With you.
Agostina: You!
Erika: [shocked] Me? No! Friendship.

Rebecca declares without
a hint of irony that Erika’s smart to not "go fishing off the company

Rebecca then laughs the
laugh of a woman who knows all too well how stinky things get when the tide
goes out.

Save the drama for your mama — Back at the gym, Jackie calls
SkyLabber Tyra into her office to scold her for being habitually tardy as
Renessa looks on with her saucer eyes. J.W. should also be scolding Tyra for wearing
a one-size-fits-all T-shirt for a pie company to a gym, but whatever. Product
placement doesn’t
really work
. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy more Propel Fitness

Tyra gives Jackie and
Renessa her sad saga about many people, one car. Jackie suggests Tyra "snap
the whip" with her car-sharing bitches, or she’s not going to be allowed
to continue with the program. SkyLab has a structure that must be adhered to.

Oh, sure. If a client is
MIA, she had better get their act together. But if a trainer like Gregg pulls
the same thing, everyone should stop being so goddamn needy. Jackie Warner has
standards. And they’re all double.

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