“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”

Another offer — Erika is training with her SkyLab client, Damon. She
sensibly uses a towel and mounts him.

As any woman who’s ever
been to the gynecologist knows, being flat on your back in a vulnerable
position is the best time for making small talk. Damon and Erika chitchat for a
while until he lets her in on a secret: He’s afraid of her. She laughs in

Erika: Don’t be scared.
Damon: Queen of the Gym.
Erika: I cry all the time.
Damon: You cry all the time?
Erika: I’m the biggest crier.
Damon: I love that.
Erika: Yeah, I do. You can’t embarrass
me, but you can make me cry.
Damon: Well, I’ll just make ya

Erika needs to laugh
until she cries. Or cry until she laughs. Either way, watching the show should
do the trick.

Just as they’re wrapping
up, Plitt peeks into the gym through the glass door, looking for Erika. After
Damon leaves, Plitt tells her that he’s going to be on yet another fitness magazine
cover, but this time, they want a couple. He invites Erika to be his photo
shoot girlfriend because he thinks she’s perfect for it. And she is: those arms,
those eyes, that delicious aversion to drama.

Low self-esteem Erika doesn’t
think she looks like "some of those girls," and is more shocked and
nervous at the offer than anything else. She doesn’t squeal with delight while jumping
up to wrap her legs around him like Rebecca would have.

Erika: Thank you.
Greg: I’ll have [the photographer]
call you and set it up.
Erika: I’m glad you came to me.
Greg: Yeah! You’re the first one I
thought of … I’m like, "I got it." If you said no, I’d be all, "I
don’t know what we’re gonna do."

Could it be Plitoris is
actually a nice guy?

The narc — Newly embedded with the troops this year, Lisa files a
report with her boss about which mice played while the cat was away. While
Brian sits nearby and listens to Renessa describe her harrowing lesbian cruise
and the girls who gave her "a really hard time," Lisa tells Jackie
about Peeler’s passive-aggressive comments to Don Scott during his unauthorized
phone call.

"He was very pissy
that you kind of shut him out of the meeting," Lisa says with casual satisfaction,
"and he made it clear that he was upset about that."

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