“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.4 “Hit the Wall”

Jackie emerges from her
office to start the session. But before they begin, Jackie admonishes everyone
for not coming to the gym as often as they should. Jackie then asks everyone
for a critique of the trainers she’s matched them with. Natalie gushes over
Jesse, saying he’s her new BFF. Fat straight girls and gay guys — still working.

reports she’s loving how hard Rebecca is pushing her, but never forgets to
encourage and cheer for her. Deenie tries to be diplomatic when she describes
her experience with Gregg.

Deenie: Maybe it’s just me, but he
seems so focused on his music career, which is awesome, but he’s like: "Oh,
we can’t meet this day because I have rehearsal. Oh, we can’t do this because I
have a show …"

Jackie nods as she
listens. Somehow, from Deenie’s comments, Jackie decides she needs to remind
everyone that a trainer is an instructor and a mentor — not a best friend. Natalie,
you got the bonus plan.

Maybe Deenie said
something off-camera about Gregg not coming to her slumber party, but on-camera,
all she seems to want is for Gregg to show up at work. But what do I know about
such things. Jackie says clients are emotional and needy and always end up
taking out their frustrations on the trainer. No wonder everyone there is

Jackie’s boot camp begins
with an audition for a new play called My
Pretty Pony: The Musical

Because of her injury,
Deenie is cut from the herd and told to do a bazillion ass lifts all alone. After
it’s over, everyone has a good vomit and gets a coveted high-five from the
Mistress of Pain.

Coming soon on DVD — The next day, a producer named Andrea from ExerciseTV, a fitness video website, visits
the gym to give Jackie one more reason to wink at herself in the mirror each
morning; she wants to produce a Jackie Warner workout DVD.

Andrea: You come across as sort of sexy
and cool and [as having] a Hollywood thing … I
want to capture that experience for [the viewers], make them feel like they’re
part of the party.

There’s a party in Jackie’s
pants, and we’re all invited to come.

Jackie: I want to get my most
experienced, my strongest, my best-looking trainers involved.
Andrea: Right.
Jackie: I want to get my sexiest

If there’s one thing
Jackie understands, it’s the aspirational mindset of the consumer. Your garden-variety
couch potato will never look like her, Greg Plitt or Rebecca, but for $14.95,
they’re welcome to try.

Andrea tells Jackie they
only have a month to shoot the video. Jackie balks. Can her over-flowing
schedule of gossiping with Lisa, fighting with Peeler and gossiping some more handle
one more commitment?

Jackie asks for a week to
think it over, but Andrea says she needs an answer right now. Jackie considers
her options. The idea of her trainers fighting over who gets to be on the DVD
is just too delicious to pass up. She’s in.

Was there ever a

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