“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”


Jackie pries a little
deeper, and Erika admits she’s not happy being single. Jackie asks earnestly, "Why
is it that you’re single so much?" and Erika begins to cry. Jackie’s way
with the ladies comes and goes.

Jackie: You’re really beautiful. And you’re
really beautiful inside. You really are a good person. And you’re fun and you
have so much to offer. And that’s the question. How can we make who we see
match with who you feel you are?

Erika nods silently from
behind the denim jacket she’s using as a hanky. I think that’s Jackie’s jacket
she’s using to wipe her nose. Awesome. Erika, you rock so hard. Please don’t be

Now in her mid-30s, Erika
looks around and sees that her friends are all married with kids. She wants
that for herself someday, but how? Yoda tells her the universe will take care
of her.

Jackie: It’s energy in, energy out. And
you put out that energy that you’re OK. When you start getting OK, really,
inside, that’s the energy you’ll portray. I want to see you happy. You deserve

Jackie puts her arms
around Erika and gives her a warm hug, the first one in months that didn’t
involve any inappropriate hip grinding.

Ready to go homo — The Olivia cruise is finally over, and not a
moment too soon. Rebecca tries to help Renessa pack, but since she’s not into handling
mildewy swimsuits, there’s nothing she can do except try on Renessa’s earrings
and dissect the previous week’s shenanigans.

Rebecca: Do you think Jackie’s
girlfriend would be upset by any of her behavior last night?
Renessa: Ya know what? I think that
she would be upset with any of it because I can see that whole, like, don’t-talk-to-my-woman
kind of a thing. And I also think that she’s a very jealous girl, in the first
place. I get that vibe. So anyone looking at her wrong, or Jackie doing one
little thing — even if it’s human nature, [or] be flirty — I think, yeah. She
would have been bothered by the littlest thing. Don’t you?
Rebecca: Yeah …

Rebecca sounds as bored
as I feel. Weary of clinging to Jackie and clamoring for uninterrupted
eye contact
, Rebecca’s had enough lesbian drama for a while and lowers her
freak flag to half-mast.

Renessa: As busy as it is, I miss my
Rebecca: I miss the penis.

Because in the end, that’s
how she rolls.

Even though we never did
find out what happened in Renessa’s Jackie dream, everyone returns home tanner,
fatter and with just a little less dignity. The perfect vacation.

Next week on Work Out: Plitt
gives Erika dating advice. Deenie tells Gregg to pick up his damn phone when
she calls him. Brian comes this close to
getting fired. Again.

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