“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”

Rumors — The next morning, Rebecca, Erika and Agostina stretch out
on some chaise lounges and let the clean ocean breezes blow the alcohol from
their pores. Renessa is nowhere to be found.

Rebecca: Renessa got really drunk last
night and made out with Jackie.
Agostina: She did?! Really …
Erika: No!

Rebecca admits it’s
merely hearsay (hersay?), because she wasn’t there. After the others had
staggered back to their rooms, Renessa and Jackie were left alone in the bar.

Rebecca, Agostina and
Erika decide to pay Renessa’s room a visit to see if she’s alive and/or alone.

In the hallway, Rebecca
taps politely on Renessa’s door. No answer. Agostina pounds on it, making her new
girlfriend, Erika, giggle. Finally, Death opens the door.

The girls inform Renessa
there’s a rumor going around that she was making out with Jackie. "No, no,
no, no, no," Renessa says, even though she doesn’t remember much of anything
after her midnight ride on the dark-haired mare.

Renessa denies
everything. Agostina decides there’s probably nothing to deny. One thing you
can’t deny is Agostina’s abs.

In the end, Renessa says
she’s taking this one, whatever it was, to her grave. Eh. Even if Jackie did
slip her employee an internal memo last night, which I doubt, Jackie and
Renessa generate about as much heat as a fish tank lamp.

Jackie’s mole — Back at the gym, Brian makes a call to Don Scott,
the Doug Blasdell Foundation contact. He gathers his boys around him and puts
Don on speaker, which makes Lisa’s job as Jackie’s mole a whole lot easier.

Don asks if Doug and
Jackie might be interested in donating some training time to the fundraiser
auction. Brian is happy to do it but reminds Don, "Jackie kicked me out of
the office," so it’s best to deal with Jackie separately. Lisa listens in
and takes copious notes.

Lisa: I have no idea why Peeler thought
that he could call Don Scott and not think I would hear. Brian’s absolutely
crazy if he thought I wouldn’t go back to Jackie. I mean, it’s my freaking job
to tell Jackie everything.

Little does she realize,
Brian’s decided it’s also her job to pass irate messages from him to Jackie.

Intervention — It’s the last day of the cruise. Before the ship
pulls into port in San Diego,
Jackie wants to have a talk with Erika. They go to Jackie’s room for some
privacy. Just them and a camera crew.

Jackie: So, are you wondering why I
invited you to my room?
Erika: Yeah.
Jackie: I’ve been kind of noticing
that you’ve been eating a tremendous amount of food. And you know that we’ve
had this conversation some time ago, a couple of years ago, where you were
struggling with bulimia. And I pretty much had thought that you overcame that.

In Season 1, Erika talked
openly about her bulimic past. She even shared her story with a client who was
wrestling with the same demons. But now, something has tripped Jackie’s radar.

Jackie: You’re not gaining any weight. In
fact, you look like you might have lost some weight.
Erika: No. I’ve been on this cruise
and I figured, I’m just going to eat whatever and have a good time. And then
when I get back to, ya know, back home, then it’s back to being disciplined
Jackie: Yeah. But, you know that you
can come to me and talk to me about it.
Erika: Yeah, I know. I swear there’s
not … no. I appreciate the concern …


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